Antarctic display

The Antarctic: a war over resources

  • Date

    January 1, 2015

We are pleased to announce that the special exhibition The Antarctic: a war over resources at the Stephen Hui Geological Museum has been extended until January 21st 2015. The exhibition was curated by two alumni of the HKU Department of Earth Sciences, Mr. Jackie Chu and Dr. Stephen Ng, and reflects experiences and insights gained during Jackie’s visit to the Antarctic as a Hong Kong representative for the International Antarctic Expedition 2014.

Exhibition synopsis: Growing demands on resources across the globe and a probable rush for development may lead to deterioration of the Antarctic landscape and depletion of its natural resources. This fragile global common, amid potential environmental threats, can only be safeguarded through better understanding the true value of its natural resources.

Admission is free

Jackie also shared his South Pole experiences via the University's General Education platform, and was interviewed by Hong Kong Economic Journal for a news article published on Decemeber 30th 2014.