Pingualuit crater lake in Canada is a modern-day example of a cold impact crater-hosted lake on Earth analogous to ancient crater lakes on Mars.Credit: Google Earth

HKU geologist proposes the number of ancient martian lakes might have been dramatically underestimated by scientists

Applied Earth Sciences | October 7, 2022

Lakes are bodies of water fed by rainfall, snowmelt, rivers and groundwater, through which, Earth is teeming with life. Lakes also contain critical geologic records of past climates. Though Mars is a frozen desert today, scientists have shown that Mars contains evidence of ancient lakes that existed billions of years ago, which could contain evidence for ancient life and climate conditions on the red planet. Through a meta-analysis of years of satellite data that shows evidence for lakes on Mars, Dr Joseph MICHALSKI, a geologist in the Department of Earth Sciences, The University of Hong Kong (HKU) proposed that scientists might have dramatically underestimated the number of ancient Martian lakes that once existed.

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