New permanent exhibition on “Cenozoic Climate Change” at the Stephen Hui Geological Museum

Environmental changes | April 22, 2015

To coincide with Earth Day 2015 the Stephen Hui Geological Museum has launched a new permanent exhibition on “Cenozoic Climate Change”. Showcasing the last 65 million years of Climate Change unfolding lessons for forseeing our future.

Paleoclimate proxies including marine sediments, loess, tree rings and marine microorganisms are displayed together with an ice core replica for the first time in Hong Kong to introduce scientific methods applied to read past global and regional climate records and to reconstruct the last 65 million years of global climate change. 

A large-scale 3-D climate change graph invites to explore and reflect on the relationship of our present-day climate conditions with that of the past.

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Curator of HKU Stephen Hui Geological Museum Dr. Petra Bach and two climate change experts of the Department of Earth Sciences Dr. Liu Zhonghui and Professor Zong Yongqiang explain the research behind the “Cenozoic Climate Change” exhibition through displaying ancient tree rings, ancient rhinoceros paradise fossil and other exhibits.

Exhibition details: 
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 1pm to 6pm
Closed on University and Public Holidays. 
Free Admission.

Special Guided Tours on Climate Change:
Available in English or Cantonese on Saturdays, April 25, May 2, 9 and 16, at 2pm – 3pm with opening hours from 10 am to 6pm. Pre-registration through Tel: 22415472 or e-mail at is recommended.