Applications of non-traditional stable Mg, Fe and Ca isotopes into water and minerals: investigations into pyroxenes, langbeinite, brines, river and coastal groundwater systems

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    December 6,2017

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    Mr. Chongqin Feng Department of Earth Sciences, HKU

The state of the art MC-ICPMS technology developed in the recent decade enables the high precision analysis on the non-traditional stable isotope systems. Many works have proved the immense potential for applying these isotopes into the earth sciences, especially for rock and water systems. However, this new isotope geochemistry branch is still at its premature stage. Works on these isotopic fractionation mechanisms, such as calibrating the isotope fractionation factor, will be still required to utilize them for wider implications and applications. In this presented thesis, we will investigate the Mg and Ca isotopes fractionation mechanism for evaporite-brine and coexisting minerals system, and show the implications illustrated by these mechanisms. Moreover, we also explored Fe isotopic distributions of groundwater at coastal area and seasonal Mg isotopic variation in river, and are working on understanding the mechanism controlling these isotopic behaviors.