Fluvial pictionary

  • Date

    September 17,2015

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    Mr. David Grybowski Former Principal Advisor on Development Geology Santos Ltd, Adelaide, Australia

David Grybowski retired in 2014 from Santos Ltd in Adelaide, Australia, as the Principal Advisor on Development Geology. His work included mentoring over 50 geoscientists creating geocellular models of oil and gas fields. Santos operates joint ventures in central Australia's Upper Carboniferous to Cretaceous Cooper and Eromanga basins, where fluvial and fluvial plain depositional environments, including coal-forming swamps, are dominant. In this talk that he gave at Santos - modified for this presentation for HKU geology students - David shows the characteristics of fluvial systems that matter most to petroleum geologists and how they might be modelled for flow regime testing to maximise productivity and value.