Genesis of the ion adsorption type REE deposits in South China

  • Date

    May 27,2016

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    Mr. Martin Yan-Hei Li Department of Earth Sciences, HKU

In the so-called ‘Ion adsorption type deposit’, rare earth elements (REEs) are thought to be adsorbed on
the surface of clay minerals during weathering processes, and this type of deposit has only been
discovered in South China since the 1970s. Although this type of deposit contributes dominantly for the
global production of HREEs, few comprehensive studies have been carried out and we still understand
little about the genesis of this type of deposit. In this study, we will carry out comprehensive
mineralogical, geochemical and experimental studies on deposits of this type and some well-exposed
weathering profiles in South China in order to examine the enrichment and mobilization of REEs under
weathering processes and the genesis of this type of deposit. Our findings will help further exploration in
seeking for more supply on the high-demanding HREEs.