Southward subduction of the Paleo-Asian Ocean: Records from Paleozoic rocks of the northern margin of the North China Craton

  • Date

    September 29, 2017

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    Mr. Bo WANG Department of Earth Sciences, HKU

The Paleo-Asian Ocean (PAO) had undergone complex accretionary history in the Paleozoic and finally closed along the Solonker suture zone in the Mesozoic, amalgamating the Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB) to the north and the North China Craton (NCC) to the south. The Bainaimiao arc belt, extending E-W along the northern margin of the NCC and the southernmost CAOB, has been attributed to the subduction of the PAO crust in the Paleozoic. However, the time and polarity of the subduction process are still under considerable debate. This program attempts to address the controversy by carrying out petrogenetic and provenance study of Paleozoic igneous and sedimentary rocks in the Gongzhuling-Yitong area (Jilin Province) across the Bainaimiao arc belt. By means of petrological, geochronological and geochemical investigations, it is aimed to reveal the tectonic attribute of the northern margin of the NCC and constrain its association with the accretionary history of the PAO during Paleozoic time.