urban groundwater and the Deep Bay in Shenzhen

Spatial characteristics of Microplastics in urban groundwater and the Deep Bay in Shenzhen

  • Date

    April 12,2022

  • Time

    3:30PM - 4:00PM

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  • Speaker

    Mr. Tianwei WANG Department of Earth Sciences, HKU

Microplastics (MPs) have been a worrisome pollution worldwide as plastic productions have been largely used for about 100 years, which are less than 5 mm in size, no matter they are originally produced or broken into small debris from macro-plastics. MPs had been found globally even in extreme environment such as glaciers or deep-sea sediments, and may cause severe impacts on ecological environment and creature’s health. MPs in marine and surface water was a hotspot during last five years but researches were lack of the MPs contamination in groundwater. This study would like to make an investigation on MPs contamination of groundwater in Shenzhen and try to estimate the MPs fluxes into the Deep Bay through Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) using Radium and Radon isotopes.  

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