Climate change 2021

Understanding Future Climate Change: Interpreting the Latest Intergovernmental Climate Report

  • Date

    September 7,2021

  • Time

    3:30PM - 4:20PM

  • Venue


  • Speaker

    Dr. Alexander KOCH Department of Earth Sciences, HKU

It is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean and land. Widespread and rapid changes in the atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere and biosphere have occurred.” These are the opening sentences of the recently published intergovernmental report on climate change, the IPCC Assessment Report on Climate Change, an international effort that takes stock of the scientific understanding on the causes and impacts of current climate change.

Dr. Koch introduces the findings of this landmark report, answering questions such as: How much has the planet warmed over the last 150 years? What are the impacts of this warming? How do we know humans are causing this warming? What will future climate change look like? Particularly relevant to Hong Kong, he also maps out the impacts of future climate change on the region.

Climate change is already happening but acting now can limit the impacts of future climate change. As multiple climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts are already underway, in the second part of this talk Dr. Koch gives an overview on potential global climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies such as global tree planting efforts and climate-proof cities.

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