Dr. Cheung, Man Ching


Dr. Cheung, Man Ching

Assistant Lecturer

I received my BSc and MSc degree in Geology from the University of Texas at Arlington in the USA, and pursued a PhD in the University of Hong Kong. My research interests focus on Quaternary climatic and environmental changes by using various paleoclimatic reconstruction proxies including organic geochemistry and palynology on terrestrial sediments to address regional climate change and to reconstruct paleoclimate events

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Selected Publications

  1. Cheung, M.C., Zong, Y., Zheng Z., Liu, Z., and Aitchison, J.C., 2017. Holocene temperature and precipitation variability on the central Tibetan Plateau revealed by multiple palaeo-climatic proxy records from an alpine wetland sequence. The Holocene vol. 27, issue 11: 1669-1681 
  2. Cheung, M.C., Zong, Y., Wang, N., Aitchison, J.C., Zheng, Z., 2015. δ13Corg and n-alkane evidence for changing wetland conditions during a stable mid-late Holocene climate in the central Tibetan Plateau. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 438: 203-212.
  3. Cheung, M.C., Zong, Y., Zheng Z., Huang K., Aitchison, J.C., 2014. A stable mid-late Holocene monsoon climate of the central Tibetan Plateau indicated by a pollen record. Quaternary International 333: 40-48.
  4. Ali, J.R., Cheung, M.C., Aitchison, J.C., Sun, Y.D., 2013. Paleomagnetic re-investigation of Early Permian rift basalts from the Baoshan Block, SW China: constrains on the site-of-origin of the Gondwana-derived eastern Cimmerian terranes. Geophys. Jour. Int., 193: 650-663.