Dr. Lee, Man Hoi

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Dr. Lee, Man Hoi

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Man Hoi Lee is a planetary dynamicist who works on the formation and dynamical evolution of planetary bodies (planets, moons, etc.) in our Solar System and in planetary systems around other stars. His research interests include extrasolar planets in or near orbital resonances, circumbinary planets, the satellite systems of Jupiter and Pluto, and the obliquities of the giant planets in our Solar System. He is also an expert in numerical methods for dynamical simulations of planetary systems, and is the co-author of the widely used symplectic integrator SyMBA.

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EASC2408   Planetary geology
EASC3415   Meteorology
SCNC1112   Fundamentals of Modern Science
GEOS8218   Meteorology
PHYS4655    Interstellar Medium
PHYS4652    Planetary Science

Selected Publications

  1. Lee, M. H., Fabrycky, D., and Lin, D. N. C., Are the Kepler Near-resonance Planet Pairs due to Tidal Dissipation?, Astrophysical Journal, 774, 52 [2013].
  2. Leung, G. C. K., and Lee, M. H., An Analytic Theory for the Orbits of Circumbinary Planets, Astrophysical Journal, 763, 107 [2013].
  3. Lee, M. H., and Peale, S. J., On the Orbits and Masses of the Satellites of the Pluto-Charon System, Icarus, 184, 573, [2006].
  4. Lee, M. H., and Peale, S. J., Dynamics and Origin of the 2:1 Orbital Resonances of the GJ 876 Planets, Astrophysical Journal, 567, 596, [2002].
  5. Duncan, M. J., Levison, H. F., and Lee, M. H., A Multiple Time Step Symplectic Algorithm for Integrating Close Encounters, Astronomical Journal, 116, 2067, [1998].