Dr. Li, Jianhua

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Dr. Li, Jianhua

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Dr. Jianhua Li obtained his Bachelor degree from Central South University in 2007 and his PhD degree from Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS) in 2013. He is currently an associate professor in the Institute of Geomechanics, CAGS and a Hong Kong Scholar at HKU. His research interest mainly focuses on structural geology and tectonics, particularly concerning Phanerozoic intra-continental deformation and tectonic evolution of South China. These studies generally integrate field structural observations with microstructural analyses, geochronological and thermochronological data, to constrain the geometries, kinematics and time of structures and their linkages with regional tectonics and geodynamic processes.

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Selected Publications:

  1.  Li, J.H., Dong, S.W., Zhang, Y.Q., Zhao, G.C., Johnston, S.T., Cui, J.J., Xin, Y., 2016. New insights into Phanerozoic tectonics of South China: Part 1, polyphase deformation in the Jiuling and Lianyunshan domains of the central Jiangnan Orogen. Journal of Geophysical Research, solid earth, doi: 10.1002/2015JB012778.
  2. Li, J.H., Dong, S.W., Yin, A., Zhang, Y.Q., Shi, W., 2015. Mesozoic tectonic evolution of the Daba Shan Thrust Belt in the southern Qinling orogen, central China: constraints from surface geology and reflection seismology. Tectonics, 34, 1545–1575, doi: 10. 1002/2014TC003813.
  3. Li, J.H., Zhang, Y.Q., Dong, S.W., Johnston, S.T., 2014. Cretaceous tectonic evolution of South China: a preliminary synthesis. Earth-Science Reviews, 134,98-136. 
  4. Li, J.H., Zhang, Y.Q., Dong, S.W., Su, J.B., Li, Y., Cui, J.J., Shi, W., 2013. The Hengshan low-angle normal fault zone: structural and geochronological constraints on the Late Mesozoic crustal extension in South China. Tectonophysics, 606, 97-115. 
  5. Li, J.H., Zhang, Y.Q., Dong, S.W., Li, H.L., 2012. Late Mesozoic-Early Cenozoic deformation history of the Yuanma Basin, central South China. Tectonophysics, 570-571, 163-183.