Dr. Li, Martin

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Dr. Li, Martin

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I study the circulation of rare earth elements (REE) and other economically strategic metals in the critical zone, specifically the enrichment of these elements to form world class regolith-hosted ore deposits. My research aims to delineate the factors controlling the mobility of these elements in Earth's surface environment, establish the mechanisms of the supergene processes that liberate, transport, and fix these elements in the critical zone, and develop generalized models to illustrate the associated ore formation. I apply mineralogical and geochemical techniques for micro- to nano-scale investigation on the mineral-fluid interaction and research from an integrated approach of interconnected field, experimental, and theoretical perspectives. Currently, I am also investigating the weathering process on granites and carbonatites, and the geomorphological evolution of granitic landscape. My study areas cover Hong Kong, South China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the US. 

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Selected Publications

  1. Li, M.Y.H., Kwong, H.T., Williams-Jones, A.E., Zhou, M.-F. 2022. The thermodynamics of rare earth element liberation, mobilization and supergene enrichment during groundwater-regolith interaction. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 330, 258-277.
  2. Li, M.Y.H., Teng, F.-Z., Zhou, M.-F. 2021. Phyllosilicate controls on magnesium isotopic fractionation during weathering of granites: Implications for continental weathering and riverine system. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 553, article 116613.
  3. Li, M.Y.H., Zhou, M.-F., Williams-Jones, A.E., 2020. Controls on the dynamics of rare earth elements during sub-tropical hillslope processes and formation of regolith-hosted deposits. Economic Geology 115, 1097-1118.
  4. Li, M.Y.H., Zhou, M.-F., 2020. The role of clay minerals in forming the regolith-hosted heavy rare earth element deposits. American Mineralogist 105, 92-108.
  5. Li, M.Y.H., Zhou, M.-F., Williams-Jones, A.E., 2019. The genesis of regolith-hosted heavy rare earth element deposits: Insights from the world-class Zudong deposit in Jiangxi Province, South China. Economic Geology 114, 541-568.