Dr. Liu, Jiacheng

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Dr. Liu, Jiacheng

Research Assistant Professor

In the past, I was a geological storyteller with reflectance spectroscopy, which I utilized to study hydrothermal gold deposits, explore regolith-hosted REE, and reconstruct paleoclimate on Earth. 

Currently, my primary research areas are the surface processes, the paleoclimate, and the geology of Early Mars. Especially, I am interested in the geology of the landing sites of Mars rovers (e.g., Curiosity, Opportunity, and Zhurong rovers), the consequences and evolution of the Great Oxidation Event on Mars, and the geochemical effects of freeze-thaw cycles. The data I use to study Mars is mainly from Mars rovers and Remote Sensing. However, the field and laboratory study of the terrestrial analogs, such as the Qaidam Basin, provides me the practical experiences to understand the Red Planet. 

jcliu01@ hku.hk
3917 7832

Selected Publications

  1. Liu J, Michalski JR, Zhou M-F. Intense subaerial weathering of eolian sediments in Gale crater, Mars. Science Advances. 2021;7(32):eabh2687.
  2. Liu J, Michalski JR, Tan W, He H, Ye B, Xiao L. Anoxic chemical weathering under a reducing greenhouse on early Mars. Nature Astronomy. 2021;5(5):503-509. doi:10.1038/s41550-021-01303-5
  3. Liu J, He HP, Michalski J, et al. Reflectance spectroscopy applied to clay mineralogy and alteration intensity of a thick basaltic weathering sequence in Hainan Island, South China. Applied Clay Science. 2021;201:105923. 
  4. Tan W, Qin X, Liu J, et al. Feasibility of visible short-wave infrared reflectance spectroscopy to characterize regolith-hosted rare earth element mineralization. Economic Geology. 2022;117(2):495-508.
  5. Du P, Yuan P, Liu J, et al. Effects of Environmental Fe Concentrations on Formation and Evolution of Allophane in Al‐Si‐Fe Systems: Implications for Both Earth and Mars. Journal Geophysics Research: Planets. 2020;125(12).