Dr. Not, Christelle

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Dr. Not, Christelle

Senior Lecturer

I am a geochemist interested in trace element and radiogenic isotopes behavior in aquatic environments over short and long time scale. My research interest focus on the understanding of trace elements cycles, such as Sr, Ba, Ra, U, Th, Nd, Pb in ocean and their utility as proxies in paleoceanography. I am particularly interested in the understanding of the behavior of these elements during their transfer from land to ocean with a focus of the importance of groundwater, their incorporation to micro-organisms, their behavior during scavenging process and their use as paleoceanography proxies in a paleoclimate perspective.

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ENVS1401    Introduction to environmental science
ENVS3313    Environmental oceanography
ENVS4966    Environmental science internship
CCST9023    The Oceans: Science and Society
GEOS8222    Environmental oceanography

Selected Publications

  1. Fagel, N. Not, C. Geuibe, J. Mattielli, N. Bazhenova, E. 2014. Late Quaternary evolution of sedimentary provenance in Central Arctic: Mineralogy, trace geochemistry and Nd and Pb isotope fingerprints of detrital fraction from the Northern Mendeleev Ridge. Quaternary Science Reviews. 92, 140-154.
  2. Hillaire-Marcel, C. Maccali, J. Not, C. and Poirier, A. 2013. Geochemical and isotopic tracers of Arctic sea ice sources and export with special attention to the Younger Dryas interval. Quaternary Science Reviews. 79, 184-190.
  3. Not, C. and Hillaire-Marcel, C. 2012. A trigger from the Arctic: the most plausible scenario for the Younger Dryas cold spell. Nature Communications. 3, 647.
  4. Not, C. Brown, K. Ghaleb, B and Hillaire-Marcel, C. 2012. Conservative behavior of Uranium vs Salinity in Arctic Sea Ice and Brine. Marine Chemistry. 130-131, 33-39.
  5. Not, C. and Hillaire-Marcel, C. 2010. Time constraints from 230Th and 231Pa data in late Quaternary, low sedimentation rate sequences from the Arctic Ocean: an example from the northern Mendeleev Ridge. Quaternary Science Reviews. 29, 25-26, 3665-3675.