Prof. Liu, Zhonghui

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Prof. Liu, Zhonghui

Interim Head of Department

Professor Liu received his BSc degree from USTC in 1996 and PhD from Brown University in 2004. He joined HKU as an assistant professor in 2008 after completing postdoc training at Brown and Yale University, and became an associate professor in 2013. Professor Liu is interested in Cenozoic climatic and environmental changes and expertised in using organic proxies to reconstruct past climatic changes on various timescales. He is currently working on climatic events during the Eocene to Miocene, from both marine and terrestrial archives, and Holocene hydrological changes in Asian monsoonal regions to arid Central Asia.

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EASC1020   Introduction to climate science
EASC3020   Global change: anthropogenic impacts
EASC3415   Meteorology
CCST9019   Understanding Climate Change
GEOS8207   Global climate
GEOS8209   Climate change and society
GEOS8218   Meteorology

Selected Publications

  1. He Y., Zhao C., Wang Z., Wang H., Song M., Liu W. & Liu Z. (2013) Late Holocene coupled moisture and temperature changes on the northern Tibetan Plateau. Quaternary Science Reviews, 80, 47-57.
  2. Pagani, M., Liu, Z., LaRiviere, J., & Ravelo, A.C. (2010) High Earth-system climate sensitivity determined from Pliocene carbon dioxide concentrations. Nature Geoscience 3, 27-30.
  3. Liu, Z., Pagani, M., Zinniker, D., DeConto, R., Huber, M., Brinkhuis, H., Shah, S.R., Leckie, R.M. & Pearson, A. (2009) Global cooling during the Eocene-Oligocene climate transition. Science 323, 1187-1190.
  4. Brierley, C.M., Fedorov, A.V., Liu, Z., Herbert, T.D., Lawrence, K.T. & LaRivere, J.P. (2009) Greatly expanded tropical warm pool and weakened Hadley circulation in the early Pliocene. Science 323, 1714-1718.
  5. Liu, Z. & Herbert, T.D. (2004) High-latitude influence on the eastern equatorial Pacific climate in the early Pleistocene epoch. Nature 427, 720-723.