Prof. Malone, Andrew

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Prof. Malone, Andrew

Adjunct Professor/MSc Admissions Tutor

I teach on the Master of Science programme in applied geosciences and work on landslides. At present I am studying a large active rock slide in schist in the Cameron Highlands Malaysia. 

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GEOS7022    Course of Directed Studies
GEOS7024    Management (Course Coordinator)
GEOS8002    Professional Practice in Applied Geosciences
GEOS8003    Seminars on Unforeseen Ground Conditions, Geotechnical and Environmental Failures
GEOS8101    Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Design
GEOS8104    Natural hillside landslide and hazard studies (Course Coordinator)

Selected Publications

  1. Andrew Malone Ltd 2007. Landslide study at Ch 23+800 Simpang Pulai-Lojing Highway, Malaysia. Report to Minister of Works of Malaysia.  Ch23+800
  2. Hencher SR & Malone AW 2012. Hong Kong Landslides in Landslides: Types, Mechanisms and Modeling eds Clague & Stead, Cambridge University Press 373-382 HK Landslides
  3. Malone AW, Hansen A, Hencher SR & Fletcher CJN 2008. Movements of a large slow-moving landslide in schist near Pos Selim Malaysia. In Landslides and Engineered Slopes, eds Chen et al, Taylor & Francis v1 457-461.  048
  4. Malone AW 2005. The story of quantified risk and its place in slope safety policy in Hong Kong. In Landslide Hazard and Risk, eds Glade, Anderson & Crozier, John Wiley. ISBN: 0-471-48663-9, 643-674 0GLADE22
  5. Malone AW 1997. Risk Management and Slope Safety in Hong Kong.  Transactions of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Vol 4, No. 2 & 3, 12-21. republished 1998, Slope Engineering in Hong Kong, eds Li, Kay & Ho. Balkema, Rotterdam, 3-17. Risk management