Prof Zhang, Jian


Prof. Zhang, Jian


Zhang’s primary research focuses on crustal growth, evolution and deformational behavior during the Earth’s crustal evolution and its geodynamic linkage to the pre-plate tectonic regime. Zhang also focuses on structural geology and tectonic evolution of orogens through Archean (>2.5 billion years) to Proterozoic, with interests ranging from microscopic structures to lithosphere-scale tectonics and from field-based study to numerical modeling. His research interest in economic geology deals with structural controls and modifications of the mineral deposits in deformed regions. His current research areas include North China Craton, Superior Craton in North America, Central Asia Orogenic Belt in China and Mongolia and Limpopo Belt in South Africa, etc.

Zhang obtained his BSc in 2000 and MSc in 2003 from Peking University and PhD degree from The University of Hong Kong in 2007. He worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Waterloo (Canada) and lecturer at The Chinese University of Hong Kong during 2008-2015. He joined Sun Yat-sen University as a full professor in 2016. He was awarded Young Scholar 1000 Talents Plan (2016), Pearl River Talent Plan (2017) and NSFC Award for Distinguished Young Scholar (2020). He joined The University of Hong Kong in 2023. He is now the editor-in-chief for Precambrian Research.

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Selected Publications

  1. Yu C., Yang T., Zhang J.*, Zhao G., Cawood P.A., Yin, C.Q., 2022, Coexisting diverse P–T–t paths during Neoarchean Sagduction: Insights from numerical modeling and applications to the eastern North China Craton. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 586, 117529
  2. Gao P., Yakymchuk C., Zhang J., Yin C., Qian J., Li Y., 2022. Preferential dissolution of uranium-rich zircon can bias the hafnium isotope compositions of granites. Geology 50 (3), 336-340.
  3. Zhao C., Zhang J.*, Zhao G., Yin C., Chen G., Liu J., Liu X., Chen W., 2021. Kinematics and Structural evolution of the Anziling Dome-and-Keel architecture in east China: Evidence of Neoarchean vertical tectonism in the North China Craton. Geological Society of America Bulletin, DOI:10.1130/B36225.1.
  4. He L., Zhang, J.*, Zhao G., Yin C., Qian J., Liu J., Liu X., Zhao C., 2021. Macro-and microstructural analysis of the Zhujiafang ductile shear zone, Hengshan: Tectonic nature and geodynamic implications of the evolution of Trans−North China orogen. Geological Society of America Bulletin 133 (5-6), 1237-125.
  5. Zhang, J.*, Sun, M., Schulman, K., Zhao, G.C., Wu, Q.H., Jiang, Y.D., Guy, A., 2015. Distinct deformational history of two contrasting tectonic domains in the Chinese Altai: Their significance in understanding accretionary orogenic process. Journal of Structural Geology 73, 64-82.