Dr. Genge, Marie

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Dr. Genge, Marie

Postdoctoral Fellow

My work focuses on the analysis of vertical movements along active margins to better understand the link between deep geodynamic mechanisms, deformation, and erosion processes. In order to constrain the timing and magnitude of exhumation and thus solve tectonic problems, I am combining diverse methodologies such as fieldwork and seismic analysis with medium- and low-temperature thermochronology, mostly, inverse modelling (to extract time-temperature histories), geochronology and geochemistry (trace elements, Hf and O isotopes) on in-situ and detrital material. Early work focused on the Peruvian forearc basin, Patagonian Cordillera, intraplate belt, and foreland basin (Chile, Argentina). Ongoing research includes investigations on the Ecuadorian Cordilleras and intermountain basins, the Himalaya (India, Nepal), and south-central Mongolia.

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Selected Publications

  1. Genge, M. C., Zattin, M., Savignano, E., Franchini, M., Gautheron, C., Ramos, V. A., & Mazzoli, S. (2021). The role of slab geometry in the exhumation of cordilleran-type orogens and their forelands: Insights from northern Patagonia. GSA Bulletin, 133(11-12), 2535-2548.
  2. Genge, M., Derycke, A., Gautheron, C., Zattin, M., Witt, C., Mazzoli, S., & Quidelleur, X. (2021). Tectono-thermal history of the intraplate San Bernardo fold and thrust belt in central Patagonia inferred by low-temperature thermochronology. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 109, 103333.
  3. Fernández, M. L., Mazzoli, S., Zattin, M., Savignano, E., Genge, M. C., Tavani, S., Garrone, A., & Franchini, M. (2020). Structural controls on Jurassic gold mineralization, and Cretaceous-Tertiary exhumation in the foreland of the southern Patagonian Andes: New constraints from La Paloma area, Deseado Massif, Argentina. Tectonophysics, 775, 228302.
  4. Genge, M. C., Witt, C., Chanier, F., Reynaud, J. Y., & Calderon, Y. (2020). Outer forearc high control in an erosional subduction regime: The case of the central Peruvian forearc (6–10 S). Tectonophysics, 789, 228546.