Dr. Tanbakouei, Safoura

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Dr. Tanbakouei, Safoura 

Postdoctoral Fellow

My current research encompasses the landing site selection of Martian surface in terms of mineralogy and morphology of different zones in Mars. Various aspects are considered including available sub-surface ice, temperature and thermal inertia, rock abundancies, slope and elevation of the site, geologic history and age of that specific location, clays, and regolith for construction and natural resources like metal or silicon. Different planetary mapping techniques are used to locate available sub-surface ice, and this might be a significant knowledge for Mars missions to select a landing zone where robots or humans would be able to extract ice or natural resources. My background focused on compositions, mineralogy, and surface of solar system planetary bodies, asteroids, meteorites and returned samples.

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Selected Publications

  1. Tanbakouei, S., Trigo-Rodrıguez, J. M., Llorca, J., Moyano-Cambero, C. E., Williams, I. P. and Rivkin, A. S., 2021. The Reflectance Spectra of CV-CK Carbonaceous chondrites from the Near Infrared to the Visible. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.
  2. Tanbakouei, S., Trigo-Rodrıguez, J.M., Blum, J., Williams, I. and Llorca, J., 2020. Comparing the reflectivity of ungrouped carbonaceous chondrites with those of short-period comets like 2P/Encke. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 641, p.A58.
  3. Tanbakouei, S., Trigo-Rodrıguez, J.M., Sort, J., Michel, P., Blum, J., Nakamura, T. and Williams, I., 2019. Mechanical properties of particles from the surface of asteroid 25143 Itokawa. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 629, p. A119.
  4.  Nittler, L.R., Stroud, R.M., Trigo-Rodrıguez, J.M., De Gregorio, B.T., Alexander, C.M.D., Davidson, J., Moyano-Cambero, C.E. and Tanbakouei, S., 2019. A cometary building block in a primitive asteroidal meteorite. Nature Astronomy, p.1.Vol. 3.606.
  5. Trigo-Rodrıguez, J.M., Rimola, A., Tanbakouei, S., Soto, V.C. and Lee, M., 2019. Accretion of water in carbonaceous chondrites: current evidence and implications for the delivery of water to early Earth. Space Science Reviews, 215(1), p. 18.