Dr. Wang, Chao

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Dr. Wang, Chao

Postdoctoral Fellow

My recent research focuses on the Precambrian geology of the North China Craton. I use state-of-the-art geochronological and geochemical techniques to decipher Precambrian magmatism and metamorphism in the North China Craton, and to better understand the properties and evolutions of Earth’s different layers and the geodynamic regime operating during the early history of the Earth.

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Selected Publications

  1. Wang, C., Song, S., Wei, C., Su, L., Allen, M.B., Niu, Y., Li, X.-H. and Dong, J., 2019. Palaeoarchaean deep mantle heterogeneity recorded by enriched plume remnants. Nature Geoscience, 12(8): 672-678.
  2. Wang, C. and Song, S., 2021. Archean ferropicrites and Early Archean deep mantle heterogeneity. Acta Petrologica Sinica, 37(1): 65-73.
  3. Wang, C., Song, S., Niu, Y., Wei, C. and Su, L., 2016. TTG and Potassic Granitoids in the Eastern North China Craton: Making Neoarchean Upper Continental Crust during Micro-continental Collision and Post-collisional Extension. Journal of Petrology, 57(9): 1775-1810.
  4. Wang, C., Song, S., Su, L., Allen, M.B. and Dong, J., 2021. Lithospheric modification at the onset of the destruction of the North China Craton: Evidence from Late Triassic mafic dykes. Chemical Geology, 566: 120105.
  5. Wang, C., Song, S., Niu, Y., Allen, M.B., Su, L., Wei, C., Zhang, G. and Fu, B., 2017. Long-lived melting of ancient lower crust of the North China Craton in response to paleo-Pacific plate subduction, recorded by adakitic rhyolite. Lithos, 292-293: 437-451.