Dr. Zheng, Daran

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Dr. Zheng, Daran

Postordoctoral Fellow

Dr. Zheng Daran received his Ph.D degree at the University of Hong Kong in 2018. He has well palaeontological background and is familiar with non-marine Mesozoic strata in China. His current interest includes: taxonomy, evolution of fossil odonatans and their implications for biostratigraphy and paleobiogeography; and applications of geochronology in vital biological evolutions in China.

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Selected Publications

  1. Zheng, D.R., Chang, S.-C., Perrichot, V., Dutta, S., Rudra, A., Mu, L., Kelly, R.S., Li, S., Zhang, Q., Zhang, Q.Q., Wong, J., Wang, J., Wang, H., Fang, Y., Zhang, H.C., Wang, B., 2018. A Late Cretaceous amber biota from central Myanmar. Nature Communications, 9: 3170.
  2. Zheng, D.R., Chang, S.-C., Wang, H., Fang, Y., Wang, H., Feng, C.Q., Xie, G.W., Jarzembowski, E.A., Zhang, H.C., Wang, B., 2018. Middle-Late Triassic insect radiation revealed by diverse fossils and isotopic ages from China. Science Advances, 4: eaat1380. 
  3. Zheng, D.R., Nel, A., Chang, S.-C., Jarzembowski, E.A., Zhang, H.C., Wang, B., 2018. A well-preserved true dragonfly (Anisoptera: Gomphides: Burmagomphidae fam. nov.) from Cretaceous Burmese amber. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology, 16: 881–889.
  4. Zheng, D.R., Nel, A., Jarzembowski, E.A., Chang, S.-C., Zhang, H.C., Xia, F.Y., Liu, H., Wang, B., 2017. Extreme adaptations for probable visual courtship behaviour in a Cretaceous dancing damselfly. Scientific Reports, 7: 44932.
  5. Zheng, D.R., Xu, H.H., Wang, J., Feng, C.Q., Zhang H.C., Chang, S.-C., 2016. Geochronologic age constraints on the Middle Devonian Hujiersite flora of Xinjiang, NW China. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 463, 230–237.