Dr. Zhou, Jia-Qing

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Dr. Zhou, Jia-Qing

Postdoctoral Fellow

Jia-Qing is interested in multi-field coupling processes between flow, transport, phase change and deformation in porous and fractured media from different scales. He uses a variety of approaches including theoretical modeling, laboratory experiment, field test & monitoring, and THMC coupling simulation. Jia-Qing’s research stems from various practical engineering problems, such as contaminated site evaluation and treatment, prediction and control of landslides, seepage analysis and control in hydraulic engineering, to name a few.

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Selected Publications

  1. Zhou Jia-Qing, Chen Yi-Feng, Tang Huiming, Wang Lichun, Cardenas Bayani. Disentangling the simultaneous effects of inertial losses and fracture dilation on permeability of pressurized fractured rocks. Geophysical Research Letters, 2019, 46: 8862-8871.
  2. Zhou Jia-Qing, Chen Yi-Feng, Wang Lichun, Cardenas Bayani. Universal relationship between viscous and inertial permeability of geologic media. Geophysical Research Letters, 2019, 46(3): 1441-1448.
  3. Zhou Jia-Qing, Wang Lichun, Chen Yi-Feng, Cardenas Bayani. Mass transfer between recirculation and main flow zones: Is physically-based parameterization possible? Water Resources Research, 2019, 55(1): 345-362.
  4. Zhou Jia-Qing, Li Changdong, Wang Lichun, Tang Huiming, Zhang Min. Effect of slippery boundary on solute transport in rough-walled rock fractures under different flow regimes. Journal of Hydrology, 2021, 598: 126456.
  5. Zhou Jia-Qing, Liu Hong-Bin, Li Changdong, He Xiang-Lan, Tang Huiming. A semi-empirical model for water inflow into a tunnel in fractured-rock aquifers considering non-Darcian flow. Journal of Hydrology, 2021, 597: 126149.