Current postgraduate students

PHD Students

Name Field of Study
Adeoti Blessing Himalayan Climate-Erosion-Tectonics Interactions
Allais Laetitia Marine Sciences
Boppart Nadia Desiree Astrobiology
Chen Guodong Groundwater Numerical Modelling
Cheung Chris Tsz Long Geochemistry
Chu Yin Yau Planetary Volcanism
Cui Xin  Rock Mechanics
Cui Xing Geochemistry and Geodynamics
De Becker Alexandre Planetary Science
Ding Anyang    Tectonics
Guo Wensi Hydrogeology
Hanson Shannon Marie Biogeochemistry
Hu Wenli Hydrogeology
Hu Yufan Palaeoclimatology
Huang Chang Quaternary Geochronology and Quaternary Environment Changes
Huang Yanqiong Hydrology and Hydrogeology
Hunt Hayley Rosina Himalayan Tectonics
Iu Tak Meng Teddy Economic Geology
Jiang Jiawei Palaeoclimatology
Strattman Katherine Earth Science
Lai O Land-atmosphere Interactions and Earth System Modeling
Le Pabic Meriadec Alain Guy  Paleoceanography
Lee Hiu Wai Modularity and Integration in Archosaurs Skull Structure: A Comprehensive Study
Li Yuling Geochronology
Liu Zhaojia Paleoenvironmental and Ecological Reconstruction
Liang Wenzhao Groundwater and Ecology
Liu Shuaijie Geochemistry
Lu Meiqing Hydrogeology
Luo Tao Precambrian Geology
Lyu Tianyang Geophysics
Miller Case Vincent Paleontology
SHAN Syde Hassan lqbal Ahmad Planetary Geomorphology
Sheng Chong Hydrogeology
Shi Xiaoyan Hydrogeology
Su Jintao Environmental Sciences
Wang Cece Global Change
Wang Tianwei Hydrogeology
Wang Xiangsong Petrology
Wang Zhenchao Petrology, Geochemistry and Economic Geology
Xia Yangyang Geochronology
Xu Nanqing Geology, Petrology
Yao Ruining Solid Earth, Metamorphism and Magmatism, Zirconolog
Ye Binlong Planetary Science
Yin Qianfeng Computational Magneto-hydrodynamics
Yip Man Wai Satellite Radar Interferometry (InSAR)
Yu Kwok Yin Palaeoceanography, Palaeoclimatology and Sedimentology
Yu Shengchao Coastal Hydrogeology
Zhang Hui Precambrian Geology & Metamorphic Petrology
ZHENG Zhiqi Space Physics
Zhou Yimeng Rock Mechanics

MPhil Students

Name Field of Study
Chan Hing Sang Hamsun Microplastics Microbiology
Cheng Ho Wan Planetary Science
Cheung Ka Hei Microplastic Pollution
Cheung Lok Shan Geomicrobiology
Collins Maxwell Quinn Land-atmosphere Interactions during the 4.2 ka Global Climate Event
Huang Yuwei Surface Processes and Tectonics of East Asia
Hui Chi Hang Physical Geochemistry
Lee Kwun Chak Mineral Exploration
Leung Chit Yan Early Earth Tectonics
Murai Tormon Kayla Geographic Variability of Holocene Sea Level
So Wing Kwan Microplastics
Wang Yadian Paleo Environment Modelling of the Vedi River Valley
Yuan Longhui Formation and Dynamics of Planetary Systems