Why Earth sciences at HKU?

Our department is the first Earth sciences department in Hong Kong and was ranked #27 in the 2014 QS World University Ranking of Earth & Marine departments. We offer a wide range of courses, covering topics in geophysics, geochemistry, oceanography, applied geology and atmospheric and planetary sciences. Our undergraduate program leads to the award of a BSc honors degree. Emphasis is placed on effective teaching and learning, with an opportunity for individual research. Our primary objective is to give our students a robust training in the Earth sciences as well as whole-person development. Major in Geology students who wish to become a professional geologist may take additional designated courses designed to meet the pathway for accreditation as a chartered geologist.

Our alumni work as consultants on engineering and environmental problems, explorers for new mineral and hydrocarbon resources, government and university researchers, teachers, writers, editors, as well as in many other challenging positions. With the number of large-scale construction projects and emerging needs for better environmental management, the demand for Earth scientists in Hong Kong and worldwide is growing.