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To engage in research on global, regional and local geological problems, we use a team approach. We operate four research groups: Solid Earth and Earth History, Planetary Sciences, Global Change and Environmental Science & Applied/Urban Geosciences.

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Solid Earth and Earth History


Solid Earth


Solid Earth and Earth History combines field geology, analytical data, and numerical models to unravel enigmatic processes that shape Earth and planetary evolution. We have been tackling problems related to the timing of important tectonic events, the assembly and breakup of supercontinents, mountain building processes, metallogenesis, geodynamics, and issues related to the formation and evolution of terrestrial planets. 

Group Members:

Prof. M. Sun (leader)
Prof. GC Zhao
Dr. J. Ali
Dr. K. Lemke
Dr. W.R. Li
Dr. X. Liu
Dr. N.R. McKenzie
Dr. A.A.G. Webb 

Global Change and Environmental Science


global change


A key element for research in Global Change and Environmental Science is combing classical geological methods with cutting-edge geochemical techniques to understand  the integrative evolution of Earth’s surface system. Our diverse research interests include climate change from glacial-interglacial periods to multi-million-year time scales, environmental geochemistry, paleo-oceanography, atmospheric oxygenation, early life, biogeography, geomicrobiology, macroevolution and mass extinction events. 

Group members:

Dr. J. Ali
Dr. S.C. Chang
Dr. J. Kaplan
Dr. S.H. Li
Dr. YL. Li
Dr. Z.H. Liu
Dr. N.R. Mckenzie
Dr. C. Not

Applied/Urban Geosciences




Our expertise in Applied/Urban Geosciences is of particularly vital importance in view of the highly urbanized setting of Hong Kong and covers hydrogeology, rock mechanics, engineering geology, and pollution. We have an marked emphasis on groundwater, engineering and environmental problems of society impact across Asia (e.g., Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia). 

Group members:

Prof. Jimmy Jiao (leader)
Dr. L. Wong
Dr. C. Not



Research facilities


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