The Stephen Hui Geological Museum is dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Stephen Hui, a mining engineer, geologist, scholar and philanthropist whose generosity and vision helped the advancement of Earth Sciences in Hong Kong and abroad.

Dr. Stephen Hui was a benefactor to organizations both in Hong Kong and overseas. He contributed towards the cost of the construction of the Hui Oi Chow Science Building at The University of Hong Kong in honor to his late father Mr. Hui Oi Chow.
Here Dr. Stephen Sze Fun Hui with his father Mr. Hui Oi Chow.

Dr. Stephen Hui standing outside an adit at the Hong Kong Needle Hill Wolfram mine in 1958.

Dr. Stephen Hui pointing to a mining area with rich mineral deposit at the Needle Hill Wolfram Mine in Hong Kong. Photo taken from the main dam of the Shing Mun Reservoir.

Dr. Stephen Hui officially opening the first Mineral Exhibition ever held in Hong Kong showcasing his private mineral collection (City Hall,1976).

Visitors in the City Hall at the first Mineral Exhibition held in Hong Kong from May 21- May 26, 1976.

The family of the late Dr. Stephen Sze Fun Hui at the Grand Opening of the Stephen Hui Geological Museum at the University of Hong Kong on January 16, 2009 (from centre to left: Dr. Stephen Hui's wife Madame Anna Hui, his son Richard, his daughter Sylvia and his son William).