Collision-related molasse sediments, dominantly conglomerates, are exposed on the peak of Mt Kailas in western Tibet – bedding is clearly visible.

Luobusa chromitite

Chromitite from the well-preserved mantle section of the Luobusa ophiolite, a fragment of the Jurassic Tethyan oceanic crust that has been obducted along the Indus—Yarlung Tsangpo suture zone in southern Tibet. Today the ophiolite is exposed on the surface of the Tibetan Plateau and hosts one of the largest chromite deposits in China.

Ignimbrite and Granite

Gangdese granite and Lingzizong ignimbrite representing the magmatic activity along the continental arc below which Tethyan oceanic crust was subducted along the Asian continental margin while the Indian continent traveled northwards towards Asia.

Gangrinboche conglomerate

Gangrinboche conglomerate from Zedong, a terrestrial molasse deposit that contains detritus from both Asian and Indian continents indicating that was eroded and deposited after the India-Asia collision event.