Laminated Sandstone & Sand - Sand becomes cemented to form sandstone
Particle sizes between 2mm and 0.06mm
Size: 20 cm

Micaceous Sandstone
Contains muscovite mica indicating little transportation and deposition in water and not by wind
Size: 8 cm

Arkose - Sandstone distinct by its high content of feldspar grains
Arizona, USA
Size: 9 cm

Glauconitic Sandstone
Contains the green mica Glauconite indicating a marine deposition environment
Size: 8 cm

Conglomerate & Gravels - Gravels become cemented to form conglomerate
Particles larger than 2mm in diameter
Size: 10 cm

Poorly Sorted Conglomerate
Rounded and poorly sorted clasts indicate long transportation and rapid deposition
Size: 15 cm

Breccia – Angular clasts indicate little transportation from a source nearby
Particles larger than 2mm in diameter
Size: 20 cm

Forms by rapid cementation of recent beach sediments (note fragment of bottle glass)
Size: 20 cm