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The University of Hong Kong Links of Interest
  Faculty of Sciences

Department of Earth Sciences

  Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre

University Museum and Art Gallery

Hong Kong Links of Interest

Geological Society of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Mineralogical Society

  Geological Engineering Office (Hong Kong Slope Safety)

The Geology of Hong Kong (Interactive online) (by CEDD HKSAR)

Hong Kong Geology - A 400 MA Journey (by CEDD HKSAR)

Hong Kong Geopark

  Fossil Board

Hong Kong Observatory

Royal Geographic Society Hong Kong

Hong Kong Science Museum

Hong Kong Space Museum

Hong Kong Museum of History

Chinese Links of Interest
  National Museum of Natural Science

Beijing Museum of Natural History

The Geological Museum of China

Nanjing Museum of Paleontology

Shenzhen Paleontological Museum

Yifu Museum of China University of Geosciences

Zigong Dinosaur museum

International Links of Interest
  Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

London Natural History Museum

NASA Earth Observatory

Earthquake / Natural Hazards

Solar System / Universe



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