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Dynamic Earth
Earth Evolution
Earth Materials
Geological History of Hong Kong
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Dynamic Earth
Earth Evolution
Reconstruct Geological History
The present is the key to the past
Relative Age Introduction
Index Fossils
Absolute Age
Solar System Formation
Solar System Formation
Our Unique Earth
Habitable Earth
Origin of the Earth's Crust
Origin of the Continents
The Oldest Rock from China
The Earliest Atmosphere & Hydrosphere
- Direct Evidence for an early Hydrosphere
- O2 - Free Atmosphere - Banded Iron formation
The Earliest Life on Earth
- Indirect Fossil Evidence
- Direct Fossil Evidence
The Onset of Plate Tectonics
Extensive Carbonate Platforms
Dawn of Multicellular Life
Early Paleozoic
Early Paleozoic Sea
Early Paleozoic Geosphere
Early Paleozoic Climate
Early Paleozoic Biosphere
- Benefiting from the Oxygen Boom
- Chengjiang Biota
- Trilobites
- Mollusca
- Brachiopoda
- Echinodermata
- Graptolites
- Silurian Coral Reefs
Late Paleozoic
Late Paleozoic Geosphere
Oxygenation of the Atmosphere
Life moves onto Land
Diversification of early seedless vascular plants
Diversification of early seed vascular plants
Diversification of Marine Life
The Breakup of Supercontinent Pangea
The Age of Reptiles
- The Age of Reptiles
- Reptiles and Birds
- Dinosaur Footprints
- Dinosaur Eggs
Dinosaur World
- Marine Environment
- Freshwater Environment - Jehol Biota
- Terrestrial Lake Environment - Insects
- Plants in the Dinosaur world
Shaping the Present
Continents in Collision
- Break-up of Gondwana – 160 Ma
- Indian Continent – Tethys Oceanic Arc Collision – 70-55 Ma
- Indian Continent – Asian Continent Collision – 35 Ma
- Asian Extrusion – Since 35 Ma
- Building the Highest Mountain
- Asian Monsoon – At present

Earth Materials
Minerals Properties
- Single Mineral Habit
- Mineral Aggregate Habit
- Mineral Luster
- Mineral Cleavage
- Fluorescent Minerals
Minerals Color
- Idiochromatic Color
- Allochromatic Color
- Crystal within crystals
- Pseudochromatic Color
Variation of Quartz
Mineral Pseudomorphs
Mineral Uses
Sedimentary Rocks
- Clastic Sedimentary Rocks
- Sedimentary Structures
- Biogenic Sedimentary Rocks
Out of Solution
- Concretions
- Sand Crystals
- Groundwater and spring deposits
- Chemical Sedimentary Rocks
Volcanic Products
- Rate of Cooling
- Gas content of magmas
- Pyroclastic Rocks
- Lava Flows
Rock Cycle
Geological History of Hong Kong