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New Exhibition!

The Stephen Hui Geological Museum is excited to launch two special exhibitions. The “Earth’s Treasure: Exploring with collectors in Hong Kong” showcases a unique collection of rocks and fossils from local collectors. Each specimen comes with a fascinating collecting story and geological significance that will captivate visitors of all ages

Meanwhile, we have another special exhibition on “The lifetime of a destructive caldera Volcano: Krakatau volcano, Indonesia”. This exhibition features a stunning set of volcanic rocks recently collected from one of the most dangerous and still active volcanoes on Earth - Krakatau volcano, Indonesia. This exhibition will be the first time that such a collection is showcased in Hong Kong. At the same time, we will also exhibit some local volcanic rocks for visitors to explore and appreciate the natural beauty of these geological formations.

We invite everyone to come and experience these exhibitions. Do not miss this opportunity to explore the fascinating world of geology and treasures that the Earth has to offer!

Details of the Exhibition:
Venue: G/F Lobby and 1/F Corridor, James Lee Science Building, HKU
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 1pm to 6pm
Free Admission