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Research Assistant Professor

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Dr. Luo Xin received his Ph.D degree in HKU-DES in 2015, and his research interest includes hydrogeology, hydrology, limnology, oceanography, and biogeochemistry. He works on multiple isotopes e.g., stable isotopes, radioactive isotopes and non-traditional isotopes, and their deployments in understanding local and global hydrogeological, hydrological, biogeochemical and ecological dynamics. His study areas cover South China Sea, large river deltaic systems such as Pearl River delta and Red River delta, embayment such as Tolo Harbor, headwaters in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (QTP) such as Yellow River Source Regions, and Yarlung Tsangpo River, etc., lakes in QTP and desert environments such as Badain Jaran Desert and in high urbanized areas such as Taihu lake, and North China Plain.