Associate Professor

My research aims to develop a better understanding of the dynamic co-evolution of life and the Earth system through studies generally focused on sedimentary archives. Field-based research endeavors are supplemented with diverse analytical tools that include detrital sediment geochronology and geochemistry (e.g., detrital zircon analyses, trace elements, Nd, Li, and Sr isotopes), carbonate isotope geochemistry, and biostratigraphy.  I am particularly interested in understanding how lithospheric processes influence ocean–atmosphere chemistry, climate, and biospheric evolution. Active research projects: (1) investigating tectonic and environmental influences on animal evolution and mass extinctions; (2) refining the stratigraphic architecture and tectonic history of the Indian subcontinent; (3) Precambrian Earth System evolution with an emphasis on the Archean–Proterozoic and Neoproterozoic–Paleozoic transitions; and (4) broadly exploring tectonic influences on long-term carbon cycling and riverine-to-seawater chemistry. Field sites: India, Indonesia, Myanmar, North America, Argentina, China, South Korea, and southern Africa. For additional information please see website:



I study the geosciences because I thoroughly enjoy it and I am fortunate to make a living doing something I find fun and interesting. So if you are a student with broad interests in the Earth system and a general love for geology, please contact me! There are plenty of opportunities within my current projects, and I’m always keen to get involved in something new and exciting…