Meet the T.REX

T.rex exhibition produced with DES palaeontologist opens in downtown HK

Life and Planetary Evolution | June 7, 2018

Meet the T.rex, a 3-week exhibition publicly displaying the 'TAD' specimen of T. rex for the first time, opened yesterday at the International Finance Centre mall (IFC mall).

Departmental palaeontologist Dr. Michael Pittman was one of the exhibition's academic consultants, providing input and advice on the exhibition's content. As well as being the first time a relatively complete T.rex has been shown in HK (30% fossil, 70% cast), the exhibition shares the latest insights into the biology, ecology and evolution of T.rex and its tyrannosaur kin.

The exhibition runs until June 27th 2018, so don't miss this rare opportunity to see one of the most iconic carnivores of all time!

Dr. Pittman was an academic consultant for the exhibition. He has worked on tyrannosaur material discovered in North America and in China and Mongolia, including specimens preserving primitive feathers.


The American Dragon' or 'TAD' specimen of Tyrannosaurus rex comes from the Late Cretaceous rocks of South Dakota, USA and will be in HK until June 27th 2018.