Dr. Nordsvan, Adam

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Dr. Nordsvan, Adam

Research Assistant Professor

Adam is interested in how and why sediments are deposited, secular changes in sedimentary systems and the sedimentology and duration of Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth events. He has been developing new statistical methods for detrital zircon analysis that help identify potential source regions and aid with palaeogeographical reconstructions.

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Selected Publications

  1. Nordsvan, A.R., McKenzie, N.R., Colleps, C.L., Koch, A., and Khan, N.S., 2023: Multivariant analysis of the sediment-starved southeast Australian continental shelf. Geological Society of America Bulletin
  2. Nordsvan, A.R., Barham, M., Cox, G., Kirscher, U., and Mitchell, R.N., 2019: Major shoreline retreat and sediment starvation following Snowball Earth. Terra Nova, 31 (6), 495-502
  3. Kirscher, U., Nordsvan, A.R., and Schmidt, P.W., 2021: Whence Australia: Its drift history and paleogeography. In Pesonen, L., et al., Ancient Supercontinents and the Paleogeography of the Earth (Book chapter)
  4. Mitchell, R.N., Gernon, T.M., Cox, G.M., Nordsvan, A.R., Kirscher, U., Liu, Y., and Xuan, C., 2021: Orbital forcing of ice sheets during snowball Earth. Nature Communications 12, 4187
  5. Nordsvan, A.R., Collins, W.J., Li, Z.X., Spencer, C.J., Pourteau, A., Withnall, I.W., Betts, P.G., and Volante, S., 2018: Laurentian crust in northeast Australia: Implications for the assembly of the supercontinent Nuna. Geology 46 (3), 251-254