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Prof. Zhou, Mei-Fu


Mei-Fu Zhou is Professor of Earth Sciences at The University of Hong Kong where he teaches Principle Geology, Economic Geology, Advanced Geochemistry and Geological Heritage of Hong Kong since 1996. His research interests include ophiolites, large igneous provinces and mineral deposits. In the 1990’s, Zhou worked on komatiites in Zimbabwe, podiform chromite deposits in Tibet and the Sudbury Ni-sulfide deposit in Canada. His recent researches focus on the tectonic evolution and mineral deposits of South China and surrounding regions.

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EASC1403    Geological heritage of Hong Kong
EASC3412    Earth resources
EASC3416    Advanced geochemistry and geochronology
EASC6002    Geochemical techniques
GEOS7010    Geology principles and practice
GEOS7035    Intermediate geology
GEOS8201    Applied geochemistry
GEOS8202    Development and management of mineral resources
GEOS8221    Earth Resources

Selected Publications

  1. Li X.C. and M.-F Zhou*, 2015, Multiple stages of hydrothermal REE remobilization recorded in fluorapatite in the Paleoproterozoic Yinachang Fe-Cu-(REE) deposit, Southwest China. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. doi:10.1016/j.gca.2015.06.008
  2. Liu PP, Zhou M.-F.*, W.T. Chen, M. Boone and V. Cnudde, 2014, Using multiphase solid inclusions to constrain the origin of the Baima Fe-Ti- oxide deposit, SW China, Journal of Petrology 55, 951-976. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
  3. Liu Ping-Ping, Mei-Fu Zhou*, Béatrice Luais, Damien Cividini, Claire Rollion-Bard, 2014, Disequilibrium iron isotopic fractionation during the high-temperature magmatic differentiation of the Baima Fe–Ti oxide-bearing mafic intrusion, SW China. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 399, 21-29
  4. Zhou Mei-Fu*, Paul T. Robinson, Ben-Xun Su, Jian-Feng Gao, Jian-Wei Li, Jing-Sui Yang, John Malpas, 2014, Compositions of chromite, associated minerals, and parental magmas of podiform chromite deposits: The role of slab contamination of asthenospheric melts in suprasubduction zone environments. Gondwana Research 26, 262–283.284
  5. Zhou Mei-Fu*, Xin-Fu Zhao, Wei Terry Chen, Xiao-Chun Li , WeiWang, Dan-Ping Yan d, Hua-Ning Qiu, 2014, Proterozoic Fe–Cu metallogeny and supercontinental cycles of the southwestern Yangtze Block, southern China and northern Vietnam.  Earth-Science Reviews 139, 59–82.‚Äč