Prof. Zong, Y Q


Prof. Zong, Yongqiang


Before gaining a PhD degree in Durham University, UK in 1993, he had self-taught in marine geology while working in a butcher shop of China and studied coastal geomorphology and Quaternary science in Guangzhou Institute of Geography. Between 1993 and 2008, he worked as a postdoctoral research assistant, lecturer and senior lecturer in Geography of Durham University. Since 2008, he has served as an Associate Professor and Professor in the University of Hong Kong, coordinating the development of the Environmental Science major.

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ENVS3004    Environment, society and economics
ENVS3007    Natural harzards and mitigation
ENVS4999    Environmental science project

Selected Publications

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  2. Innes JB, Zong Y, Wang Z, Chen Z. 2014 (Jul). Climatic and palaeoecological changes during the mid- to Late Holocene transition in eastern China: high-resolution pollen and non-pollen palynomorph analysis at Pingwang, Yangtze coastal lowlands. Quaternary Science Reviews 99: 164-175.
  3. Wang N*, Zong Y, Brodie CR, Zheng Z. 2014 (Mar). An examination of the fidelity of n-alkanes as a palaeoclimate proxy from sediments of Palaeolake Tianyang, South China. Quaternary International 333: 100-109.
  4. Cheung MC*, Zong Y, Zheng Z, Huang K, Aitchison JC. 2014 (Mar). A stable mid-late Holocene monsoon climate of the central Tibetan Plateau indicated by a pollen record. Quaternary International 333: 40-48.
  5. Zong Y, Zheng Z, Huang K, Sun YY*, Wang N*, Tang M*, Huang G. 2013 (Mar). Changes in sea level, salinity and wetland habitat linked to the late agricultural development in the Pearl River delta plain of China. Quaternary Science Reviews 70: 145-157.‚Äč