Prof. Zong, Y Q


Prof. Zong, Yongqiang


Before gaining a PhD degree in Durham University, UK in 1993, he had self-studied marine geology while working as a shop assistant in a butcher shop of Guangzhou and learned coastal geomorphology and Quaternary science while working as a research assistant in Guangzhou Institute of Geography. Between 1993 and 2008, he was a postdoctoral research assistant, Lecturer (Assistant Professor) and Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Geography of Durham University. Since 2008, he has served the University of Hong Kong as an Associate Professor and Professor, directing the development of the environmental science major programme. He was editor in chief of the international journal, Geomorphology between 2018-2020.

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ENVS3004    Environment, society and economics
ENVS3007    Natural harzards and mitigation
ENVS4999    Environmental science project

Selected Publications

  1. Ma T, Rolett BV, Zheng Z, Zong Y. 2020. Holocene coastal evolution preceeded the expansion of paddy field rice farming. Proceedings of National Academy of Science, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1919217117.
  2. Xiong H, Zong Y, Huang G, Fu S. 2020. Human drivers accelerated the advance of Pearl River deltaic shoreline in the past 7500 years. Quaternary Science Reviews 246:
  3. Xiong H, Zong Y, Li T, Long T, Huang G, Fu S. 2020. Coastal GIA processes revealed by the early to middle Holocene sea-level history of east China. Quaternary Science Reviews 233:
  4. Wang M, Zong Y. 2020. Significant SST differences between peak MIS5 and MIS1 along the low-latitude western North Pacific margin. Quaternary Science Reviews 227:
  5. Wang F, Zong Y, Fang J, Li J, Tian L, Chen Y, Shang Z, Jiang X, Yang J. 2020. Holocene relative sea-level change and coastal evolution in the west coast of Bohai Sea, China. Geoscience Frontiers 8: 679-693.