Dr. Bauer, Kohen

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Dr. Bauer, Kohen

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am an Earth systems scientist with backgrounds in geology, geochemistry and microbiology. My research is focused on developing and improving conceptual and numerical models of biogeochemical cycling and the coevolution of the Earth-life-climate system. I work across multiple scales of space and time, examining microscopic processes to global phenomena, and from the Earth’s earliest eons through to the current epoch. I combine fieldwork, computer modelling, microscopy, and a plethora of geochemical tools to refine our emergent picture of the evolution of Earth’s redox landscape during key intervals in the geologic record and its implications for biology and climate.

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Selected Publications

  1. †Friese, A., †Bauer, K.W., Glombitza, C., Ordoñez, L., Crowe, S.A., Ariztegui, D., Heuer, V.B., Vuillemin, Henny, C., Nomosatryo S., Simister, R.L., Wagner, D., Bijaksana, S., Vogel, V., Melles, M., Russell, J.M., Kallmeyer, K., and the Towuti Drilling Project Science Team. Methanogenesis dominates organic matter mineralization in modern ferruginous sediments. (2021). Accepted at Nature Communications. †Equal contribution authorship
  2. Bauer, K.W., Planavsky, N.J., Reinhard, C.T., Cole, D.B. The chromium isotope system as a tracer of ocean and atmosphere redox. In Press. (2021). Geochemical Tracers for the Earth System, Cambridge University Press.
  3. Bauer, K.W., Byrne, J., Kenward, P., Friese, A., Simister, R.L., Michiels, C.C., Smit, M.A, Kappler, A., Kallmeyer, J., Crowe, S.A. Magnetite biomineralization in ferruginous waters. (2020). Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 549, 116-495.
  4. Bauer, K.W., Cole, D.B., Asael, D., Francois, R., Poulton S.W., Planavsky, N.J., Crowe, S.A. (2019). Chromium isotope fractionation in marine hydrothermal sediments. Chemical Geology. 529, 119-286.
  5. Bauer, K.W., Gueguen B.G., Cole, D.B., Francois, R., Kallmeyer J., Planavsky, N.J., Crowe, S.A. (2018). Chromium isotope fractionation in ferruginous sediments. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 223, 198-215.