Dr. Wang, Mengyuan

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Dr. Wang, Mengyuan

Postdoctoral Fellow

Her research interests focus on quantitative reconstructions of mean annual air temperature (MAAT) and sea surface temperature (SST) from subtropical-tropical terrestrial (e.g. peat, lacustrine sediment and surface soils) and coastal archives.  She is expert in applying biomarker techniques such as Glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers (GDGTs) and long-chain unsaturated alkenone for Quaternary paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental reconstructions.

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Selected Publications

  1. Wang, M.Y., Zong, Y.Q., Zheng, Z., Man, M.L., Hu, J.F., Tian, L.P., 2018. Utility of brGDGTs as temperature and precipitation proxies in subtropical China. Scientific Report 8: 194.
  2. Wang, M.Y., Zheng, Z., Man, M.L., Hu. J.F., Gao, Q.Z., 2017. Branched GDGT-based paleotemperature reconstruction of the last 30,000 years in humid monsoon region of Southeast China. Chemical Geology 463: 94-102.
  3. Wang, M.Y., Zheng, Z., Gao, Q.Z., Zong, Y.Q., Huang, K.Y., Shi, S.H., 2017. The environmental conditions of MIS5 in the northern South China Sea, revealed by n-alkanes indices and alkenones from a 39 m-long sediment sequence. Quaternary International 479: 70-78.
  4. Wang, M.Y., Zheng, Z., Huang, K.Y., Zong, Y.Q., Liu, Z.H., Peng, Z.L., Shi, S.H., 2016. UK∩37 temperature estimates from Eemian marine sediments in the southern coast of Hainan Island, tropical China. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 127: 91-99.
  5. Wang, M.Y., Zheng, Z., Huang, K.Y., Zhang, Y.M., 2016. New Insight on the Marine Deposit in the Southern Hainan Island. Tropical Geography, 36: 399-405.